Does the Royale Business Club's Ex-President Owns the Most Expensive Condo?

Rocky Batara

The multi-level marketing company Royale Business Club truly converted most of its members from rugs to riches. Those high eaner royalista were able to buy huge house and lots and expensive condo units. But how true that its former president owns the most expensive condo properties?

A reliable source revealed that the forner Royale president bought a condominum worth 150 million. The said condo was from Ayala Properties.

But what's so weird about this was that the condo was under the name of a corporation! What?! And it was registered in Bahamas. He was the sole signatory of it but it was under a corporation's name!

What do you think is the mere reason why the ex-president decided to register his condo under a corporation's name and not under his own name?! Isn't he proud on the fruits of his sweat?!

Well if I'm the former president and I acquired a condo property like his, I will be very proud and will shout it out because it's the product of my labor! (The Lifestyle Portal)

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