Delicious Diet: Satay Style Chicken and Beef Teriyaki Lead the Healthy Monday

Rocky Batara

Starting the week right! And yes, it's much better to start it with a healthy lifestyle through the food we eat. Delicious Diet then is the answer to fuel up the start of a busy week.

For Monday, here are Delicious Diet's complete meal treat to satisfy our cravings but keeping us fit and healthy:

Mushroom and Arugula Fritatta, Whole Wheat Rolls


Satay Style Chicken, Organic Rice


Healthified Ginataang Mais


Beef Teriyaki, Organic Rice

See how Delicious Diet gives a new meaning to the word 'diet at the same time giving a brand new recipe to the usual food we used to know!

At an affordable price of Php 1,800/week, you can enjoy 3 meals + 1 snack per day. 

For more details about their products, you may visit their FB page at
And of course, you may follow then in IG via @deliciousdietph and in Twitter via @DDietph.

So, let's all start to get fit! Taste the difference, take Delicious Diet leading us to a healthier life! - The Lifestyle Portal

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