Barbie Almalbis' "My New Heart" Tops 2014 Hottest OPM Album

Rocky Batara

2014 was indeed a great year for the rock icon Barbie Almalbis. After three years of doing numerous gigs and endorsements, Barbie finally came out with a new album which is now considered as one of the hottest albums of 2014.

"My New Heart" is the title of Barbie's new album. Barbie considers this album as her most special and her most adventurous so far. 

Along with Barbie on the list are OPM's finest artists and their latest albums namely: Brat Pack - Brattitude, Mr. Bones And The Boneyard Circus - The Great Fall Onto Madness, Generation - Generation, Imago - Kapit, Johnoy Danao - Samu't Sari, Throw - Stand, Peso Movement - The Gentle Sound Of Chaos, Yeng Constantino - All About Love and Jeck Pilpil & Peacepipe - In-Hale Positivity, Ex-Hale Negativity.   

"My New Heart" contains all-original tracks that music lovers from all walks of life and ages can relate to. The whole record has the Barbie Almalbis musicality that a vast audience appreciates. The album includes the songs Run For Cover, Say Goodbye, Emmanuel, My New Heart, On This Train, We Are Slaves, Secrets, Joyful Joyful Ostrich Cowboy. It was produced by Barbie and Maly Andres, and executively produced by Tommy Tanchanco under the 12 Store Record label. The paintings on the album cover are works of Barbie's better-half, Martin Honasan, and the layout was by Kuki Ulpindo.   

Aside from the said album, Barbie also conquered the 2014 Rakrakan Festival held at the Globe Circuit in Makati on December 20. 

12 Stone Records'Barbie Almalbis, Rocksteaddy, Save Me Hollywood and Absolute Play were among the 70 acts that perfotmed at this year's biggest alternative music festival! Some of the other performers included were Indio I, Tropical Depression, Mishka Adams, Callalily, Moonstar 88, Gracenote, Imago, Chicosci, Pedicab, Tanya Markova, Giniling Festival, Kjwan, Slapshock, Pepe Smith, Urbandub and Razorback.

The Rakrakan Festival is an annual event brought to you by the country's pioneer in internet radio, the Great! Congrats Barbie for a very fruitful year.  - The Lifestyle Portal

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