Start Planning the Year with Starbucks 2015 Planner

Rocky Batara

The Starbucks Planner is always part of Filipino holidays. Every year, Pinoys just like me were getting crazy to collect stars for their Starbucks planner. And I already grabbed my 2015 Starbucks Planner, my second SB Planner (last year's being the first)! 

Since 2015 is already started, let's now start planning the year with our Starbucks planner which is also the product of our perseverance, "ang madalas na pagkakape" to own one!

For this year, I chose the brown Starbucks Planner with an image of a human drinking a cup of coffee. Check out my planner below:
The 2015 Starbucks Planner Flagship Design

I Took my Selfie with the Starbucks Planner the Day I Received It

Actually, I'm planning to have two planners this year. The second one which I wish to have is the one with the red cover. But since, it's already running out of time, I will enjoy this one.

I already started writing some of my plans in it and keep records of my recent important moments

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