Starts a R(IoT) with a Run Down of the Internet of Things

Rocky Batara

In line with the company’s vision to encourage both entrepreneurs and freelancers to pursue their passions,, the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace, presents Talino Talks where different industry experts share their knowledge and experiences with topics ranging from technology, business, and even personality development. 

In this year’s Freelancer report, we saw Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) related jobs skyrocket as more startups embrace the Internet of Things (IoT). The ‘things’ in IoT refers to different internet-enabled devices such as smart home appliances, self-driving automobiles, pacemaker monitoring implants, and fire fighting drones. 

For its last Talino Talks of the year, Freelancer gave a rundown on the Internet of Things with Chief Technology Officer Nikko Torcita of Awesomelabs, Co-founders Ely Apao and Michael Albano of JumpSparc, and Founder and CEO Joshua de Llana and Industrial Designer Jed Cruz of Tactiles.

“The IoT wave is coming, whether we know about it or not. The question is what position will we be in when it does. Will we be users? Or will we be making the new devices that power the smart home, smart car, smart classroom, or even smart street?,” says Michael Albano. 

Through IoT, a strongly linked world becomes a reality where every type of information is now connected and accessible through one’s fingertips. 

“Imagine a blood pressure monitor that can immediately call 911 in times of trouble or a car that can schedule it's own maintenance. IoT can help short circuit the human interactions we need to do for the different objects and systems in our lives so we can spend our time on things that matter more,” shares Joshua de Llana.

IoT also opens our world to limitless opportunities and possibilities. Where will IoT take us in the future? 

“The limit really is our imagination. Remember how the web started with telnet and the netscape browser?  I'd say we're just at a similar point on the connected hardware world.  It's just beginning. I think we can get to the point where everything will really feel like magic - just flick your hand something instantly appears (perhaps 3D-printed).  I'd be excited to see that all coming in my lifetime,” shares Ely Apao.  - The Lifestyle Portal

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