The Lovely Ambiance of Tambayan Sa Kanto - A Tour to a Fine-Dinning Resto

Rocky Batara
Tambayan Sa Kanto or TSK is a Filipino restaurant located at the heart of The Podium, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City. It serves all-type of Filipino dishes from the different regions of the country.

We already featured in our previous posts the different menus serve by this restaurant from its appetizer, to its main course, up to the cool desserts which truly fill the satisfaction of the customers. We even featured before some of its remarkable services like its catering, functional rooms, and its previous weekend gigs dubbed as "Togs Sa Kanto."

Now for this moment, let me tour you to the lovely ambiance of this fine-dinning restaurant. Yes, we will not talk about foods or dishes for the meantime. Rather, we will explore the captivating interior design of my favorite Pinoy restaurant.  

At first, hearing the resto's name which is Tambayan Sa Kanto may mistakenly lead you to think that it's an ordinary restaurant or a popular Pinoy fast-food chain. But when you visit the place, you will get amaze seeing a prestige place of a fine-dinning restaurant. Some of my blogger friends say that the name of the restaurant is not appropriate. "Napaka-sosyal ng place para tawagin lang na Tambayan Sa Kanto." But actually, the owner of it wants it to be more maka-Filipino, maka-masa sa pandinig though it offers the utmost royal service to its customers. The terms tambayan  and kanto depict two popular Pinoy words which many of us truly grew up with! "So pag narinig mo 'to, masasabi mong nasa Pilipinas ka, na ramdam mo ang dugong Pinoy." And this what the resto aims - to uplift the Filipino culture by serving its very own Pinoy dishes, the foods which all Filipinos will be proud of!

Now, let's start our tour to this fine-dinning Filipino restaurant. Here are some of its lovely scenes:

The Scene as You Enter the Restaurant

Fine-Dinning at the Ground Floor with State-of-the-Art Interior

Seeing the Dinning Area from the Top

A Lovely Ambiance of the Resto Surrounded with Very relaxing Music

A Lovely Artistic Place for the Family, Friends, and Lovers

The Dinning Area at the Second Floor for Conference Meeting

The Functional Area on the Second Floor

Tambayan Sa Kanto was Truly Designed with Arts and Perfection!
Being in this place is truly relaxing. You will not only enjoy its great foods, but also, you will love its ambiance surrounded with good and cool music. "Parang natanggal lahat ng stress at pagod mo" when you dine-in to this place. Very soothing and relaxing. You will really enjoy the views. As they say, very viewtiful

The waiters were also kind. They will really ensure that they have serve you their very best!

Here is the map of the place:

If you want to feel its ambiance, visit Tambayan Sa Kanto located at the Ground Floor of The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Centre, Mandaluyong City.

To know more about this Filipino restaurant, you may like and visit its official Fan Page at  

So what are you waiting for, "Tara Na, Tambay Na sa Tambayan Sa Kanto!"  - The Lifestyle Portal

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