Tambayan Sa Kanto's Best of 5 Unique Dishes

Rocky Batara
"The Bloggers who Post Together, Eat Together..."

Me and my blogger friends truly have a fun-filled night as we invade Tambayan Sa Kanto, the authentic Filipino restaurant which serves the best Pinoy dishes from the different region in an event dubbed as "Tambayan Sa Kanto's Bloggers' Night Food Trip." As expected, the restaurant served us their best and unique dishes which truly captivate our senses.   

From appetizer to the main course, foods were really great! "Talagang wala kang ititira sa plato..." "Kung akala mo na-served na ang pinaka-masarap sa unang menu, hindi pa pala! Dahil habang lumalalim ang gabi, pasarap nang pasarap ang inihahain..." Haha, allow me to speak fluently in Filipino for the meantime since I'm currently feeling proud of my nationality after I've tasted these yummy Pinoy dishes!  

In the main course, there are 5 Tambayan's best which I really can't forget (naks parang lovelife lang, but this time instead of the heart, my stomach got inlove!) And yes, I listed them down as my Top 5 Best Picks! Excited to know these Top 5 unique TSK dishes na talagang bumida sa aming hapag?! Well, here they are:   


OMG, my temptation is really on liempo, lechon, crispy pata, and crispy ulo! I'm so happy when TSK served us for the second time around my favorite Crispy Bagnet. "Malutong, malasa... na para kang kumakain ng chicharon at liempo at the same time! What more, this food was served with Ilocano Style KBL - Kamatis / Bagoong / Lasona or Tomatoes / Balayan Fish Anchovy / Spring Onions putting my taste buds on the state of climax! 

For Php430, you can have this simut-sarap Tambayan's very own Crispy Bagnet. No doubt why this one tops my list.  


Since I'm also a lover of sea foods, this Coconut Crusted Prawns definitely took the second spot! Crunchy, masarap sa bawat kagat! Seems that I'm eating my favorite prawn crackers having this one in our table. And yes, it was also my very first time to know the so-called chutney dip (yes forgive me, ngayon ko lang nalaman ang sawsawang ito).  It blended the taste of my favorite crusted prawn.    

For only Php270, you can feel the same when you taste this one of the great sea foods menu of Tambayan.. 


Tambayan Sa Kanto truly pioneers in serving their customers with unique dishes. After getting to know about the chutney dip, ngayon ko lang din nalaman na compatible pala ang laing sa tilapia! Oh yes, perfect combination as they say! I admit, hindi ako mahilig sa tilapia, but when TSK served this so-called Baked Tilapia with Laing, naiba ang pananaw ko sa tilapia. I only eat inihaw na tilapia before but this time after knowing this menu, hinanap-hanap ko na siya!

For Php290, you can have the new tandem to beat - tilapia at laing! Hehe...


Chicken is always every Pinoy's favorite. Majority of us truly grew up with fried chicken. "Ito ang laging bida sa mga fast food chains." Well, TSK didn't compete the other food establishments in terms of chicken. Therefore, they created their very own chicken recipe known as the Garlic Roasted Chicken. At first you would think that this is like an ordinary chicken we used to eat. But when you taste it, awesome! It's spicy savor with yummy gravy. It is also paired with potato rings as its side dish.      

If you want to taste  the difference, have this garlic roasted chicken in your table for Php375.


We have pork, we have fish, we have sea food, we have chicken ...ano na lang ang kulang?! Well, completing the lead casts in Tambayan's table is no other than the beef! Ladies and gentlemen, here is Crispy Tadyang ng Baka! This is a selected beef ribs fried into perfection! And take note, it comes with three different sauces - soy sauce, spicy vinegar, and atchara! It's your choice to where you will dip it. Its taste really surpasses the other beef dish making you crave for more!

Taste this unique beef goodness for Php395.

And that concludes my Top 5 Best Unique Dishes of Tambayan. "Lahat sila walang itulak-kabigin, may kanya-kanyang sarap na hahanap-hanapin!" And yes, the restaurant served as a balance diet during the event - may baboy, manok, baka, isda, hipon, at gulay! And we even have fruits and sweets for drinks and desserts.

Want to taste these unique Filipino dishes? Well, you may visit and dine-in with your family, friends, or love ones at Tambayan Sa Kanto located at the G/F The Podium Mall. ADB Avenue, Ortigas Centre
Mandaluyong City

You may also like and visit their official Facebook Fan page at https://www.facebook.com/TambayanSaKantoResto.

So what are you waiting for? Tara na, Tambay na sa Tambayan Sa Kanto!  - The Lifestyle Portal

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  1. I miss our event truly unforgettable esp the Cripy Bagnet you can't leave TSK without tasting it!

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