The Barbershop - Why We Still Love Hot Towels and Bay Rum

Rocky Batara

We seem to have lost something somewhere along the line, something that we can’t quite seem to find. That we all feel we lost somewhere…is innocence, the main reason nostalgia is very big and anything vintage is hot is because that thing which we seek. Put one other way, we all yearn to decelerate and come back to a more innocent time. Before it happens, somewhere like a time when we didn’t tweet about everything that happens to us almost. We want to take our time and not be rushed, to savor the straightforward pleasures. Hence the newfound chic and popularity of the existing-fashioned barbershop experience, where a hottowel cabinet and some bay rum still makes us slow down, savor the experience, and smile. 

Like a Spa for Guys 

With more and more gentleman rediscovering the pleasures of shaving having a badger brush and straight or safety razor, old style barbershops are enjoying a renaissance. They typically strive to recreate an older-school atmosphere with hardwood floors, old-fashioned barber chairs, and period furnishings and décor. The popular guys’ website Art of Manliness even has a Barbershop Locater widget on site that finds a barber shop near you and lets you post a review later. 

The Shave is the Best Part 

Although you can get a good haircut at the new breed of barber shop, some argue that isn’t the main attraction. The best of the latest, old-style barber shops offer a premium shave with a real straight razor. Before you get your whiskers removed, you will get a hot towel treatment of some sort, which is generally considered one of the best parts of the entire experience. After your beard is softened, the barber will apply some cream or soap to your prepared face having a badger hair brush. Then he’ll expertly shave your facial skin with what the Brits still call a cutthroat razor. If you have never shaved having a straight razor you are set for a treat. The shave is close and the sensation is similar to none other. After the shave you will need a splash or two of Bay Rum or some other classic after shave (like Clubman). That’s it. You just had a classic barbershop shave. 

Please don’t want to immediately Tweet about it for all your friends. Just savor the ability. 

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