Smart Lenses from Crizal Transitions Adjust to Changing Light

Rocky Batara

 ESSILOR, the world’s leading ophthalmic company, continues to give people the clearest vision and new ways of seeing with Crizal Transitions, the breakthrough adaptive lens that adjusts to any lighting condition.
The number one photochromic lens in the world, Crizal Transitions gives wearers the clearest vision possible with its excellently balanced lenses that provide the right amount of light, from clear indoors to dark in the brightest sun. Through Essilor technology, the lenses are designed to continuously adapt to changing light, providing optimal vision for the wearer.

Unlike ordinary clear lenses, which are fixed, Crizal Transitions are smart lenses that automatically adapt to changing light, providing the eyes with the right amount of shade for the clearest vision under any lighting environment.

By optimizing the amount of light the eyes receive, Crizal Transitions reduces glare, eye strain and fatigue, enhancing and protecting one’s vision. Crizal Transitions are designed to counter smudging and the effects on the lenses of water and dust. They are scratch-resistant and anti-reflection. 

“Crizal Transitions lenses adapt automatically to changing light conditions, always the right tint for comfortable vision any time of the day, indoors or out added Dr Emelita Roleda, General Manager.”

The lenses feature fast fade back speed, 100 percent UVA and UVB protection and E-SPF 25, the newest global index for the sun’s UV protection.  They are suitable for any ages, including children, and are designed to be compatible with most prescriptions and frames. Crizal
Transitions lenses are available in gray and brown. They can be worn by those using eyeglasses or sunglasses.

Essilor is a global company designing and manufacturing top-quality lenses for clearer vision and eye protection. Its wide range of products is available in 100 countries, operating 19 plants and 390 prescription laboratories and edging facilities around the world. Essilor’s mission is to provide every individual in the world with the access to lenses that meet his particular vision requirements. It allocates more than 150 million euros a year for research and development to bring more revolutionary eyecare products to the market.
Crizal Transitions lenses are available in all optical clinic in the country.
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