Cheer to Good Times with Carlo Rossi Wines

Rocky Batara

Have you ever been in this situation?

Everyone's worried and anxious—waiting for the result of your presentation. You haven't slept properly for days working on that pitch. Then your phone rings. You almost drop it since you've been running on coffee all day. You're nervous but you answer. Yes! You win the client and everyone in the office starts buzzing, then screaming. You deserve to party. Go and celebrate this good time with your team!

“Partying is our way of saying ‘yahoo’ and expressing our delight in achieving success. Since the leap is very important to us, our way of celebration should be something that we will remember together with that accomplishment,” says Von de Torres, Managing Director, Emperador Distillers.

De Torres believes that partying over wine makes good times even better. “There are so many things in common about wine and happiness. As an American Chef-Author, Julia Child would put it, wine is one of the agreeable and essential ingredients of life.  We all agree to happiness and its essence in our life so as with wine in important celebrations.”

But in order to have a real good time, be sure to get only the real and fine wine. People could all agree that only with fine wine can celebrations be truly enjoyed so it should be wine that gives authentic world-class flavor that special moments deserve. It should be something that doesn’t only fit the occasion but a high-quality wine that suits the taste.

Emperador Distillers brings Rossi Sweet Red, a sweet red wine crafted from grapes grown in California’s sun-drenched vineyards and bursting with flavor and aroma, for your cheers to good times. It has layers of vanilla, bright cherry and wild raspberry flavor creating a different kind of sweetness.

“Yes it is sweet but remains a real wine. It’s that different kind of sweetness that makes it unique but authentic. This is how real red wine should be. You can only expect such authenticity from the number one table wine in the world.”
De Torres warns against unauthentic sweet wines. “They’re basically bottled with very low alcohol content and lots of sweeteners, which is a far cry from authentic Rossi,” she says, adding that Rossi Sweet Red was specifically created to be sweet and be consumed cold, “As in with ice.”

One can already hear the purists scoffing but wine on-the-rocks is already becoming a trend in the US. Rossi Sweet Red, in particular, is recommended to be enjoyed with ice.

The ice, De Torres said, brings out the flavor and makes for a smoother finish and doesn’t compromise the taste and actually makes it even better. Even if the ice melts, the taste stays perfect so everyone can savor all the sweetness and real wine flavor.

So celebrate sweet victories, big or small—winning a pitch, wedding engagements, graduations, having a baby—with a wine that is just as sweet and a bit more refreshing. These are good times worth partying for. There’s a reason to be happy and to celebrate everyday. Whether baby steps or big leaps, you can always cheers to good times with Rossi Sweet Red.  - The Lifestyle Portal

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