The WaterBoy G2.5: A Modern Way of Bringing Pure Water Available

Rocky Batara

Nowadays, demands for purified water in increasing. Majority of homes and offices today were consuming purified or mineral waters instead of using waters direct from the faucet. It's because, many of us were now health conscious. But what if instead of "purified" water, we can actually have an actual pure one?!

The purified water we often used in our homes or offices actually came from different process. Samples of water undergone different processes to make them "purified." What if a certain machine can directly produce water from air?! And that's the new technology introduced by the awesome machine called The WaterBoy.  

The machine is brought by GREENFOCUS. GREENFOCUS is actually a dynamic Technology and Engineering consulting firm, was formed through a merger between two strategic US companies with a passion for technology and for people: GreenFoot Technologies and PowerFocus Engineering.    

Then what is the product all about?! Well, take a quick glimpse on its pictorial below:

The WATERBOY - A Powerful Water Machine!

The Product's Digital Functions

The "Surf" TV Commercial Model Lumen (January Isaac) with her Baby Endorsing the Product

Once More, A Front View of the Product
The WaterBoy is the flagship product of GREENFOCUS. The machine provides the customers with PURE (not purified) Alkaline water from the AIR. Yes from AIR!

If you can notice, the machine has no slots for water. The water that you actually got from the machine comes from AIR. Yup, the technology is very natural. Air is directly converted to water! The same principle that you actually seen in the air conditioner unit - the water coming out from the aircon is from the air! Cool!

The WaterBoy makes an average of 25-30 liters per day; enough to support 2 average size Filipino households. If used instead of buying water in plastic bottles, you will divert as much as 11,000 plastic bottles from landfills each year.

For more details about this product, you may call (02) 551 0860 or email them at and visit their website at - The Lifestyle Portal

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