Cosmo Bash 2011 Versus Cosmo Bash 2012!

Cosmopolitan Bachelors Bash is truly the year's hottest event in the country! This is a sizzling hot night wherein the 69 Bachelors of different fields gather together half-naked exposing their yummy sexy body in front of the crowd.  

We got two of the photos from last year and from this year's Cosmo Bash courtesy of featuring the hunks who highlighted the said events. 

For 2011, the center of attraction were Enrique Gil and Jake Cuenca. And of course for 2012, they were Joseph Marco and Ian Batherson! 

If we were to ask you, which between the two Cosmo Bash (2011 and 2012) is the hotter, what will you choose?!

Well, let's check out the two photos below and start comparing notes!

Cosmo Bash 2011 with Enrique Gil and Jake Cuenca

Cosmo Bash 2012 with Joseph Marco and Ian Batherson

Now, what is your choice?!

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