Piolo Pascual is Hotter the Second Time Around in Men's Health Mag

The Ultimate Heartthrob Mr. Piolo Pascual graces the cover of Men's Health Magazine for May 2012 issue. This is his cover for the said mag and is actually his second time to be featured in the said cover!

As you can see, Papa P. sizzles as he shows his yummy hot body! He is truly wet and wild on the cover!

Here is his said yummy hot Men's Health cover for this month of May 2012: 

And of course, here is his first magazine cover for the said mag on the January 2010 issue. Let's take a glance on it:

Papa P. really sizzles! On the two covers, Piolo Pascual is truly hot, yummy, sexy, and truly a man all of us is dying for! Keep it up Papa P.

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