They Dare to Take the Test!

The increasing rate of HIV cases in the Philippines is truly quite alarming! For the span of two months this 2012, more new cases of HIV has been recorded!

The Department of Health (DOH) recorded a total of 274 human immunodeficiency virus cases in February, the highest ever recorded in one month in the country based on the Philippine HIV and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Registry Report. On the said report, it includes one death.

In January, record revealed a total of 212 cases.

The new cases registered brought the total number of HIV/AIDS cases in the country to 8,850 since its first infection was diagnosed here in 1984.

According to the DOH, the latest recorded cases of HIV were 72 percent higher than the 159 cases posted during the same period last year.

With this alarming news, an advocacy had stood up to to promote awareness and spread education about HIV and AIDS, as well as to provide HIV testing to as many individuals as possible. And this is the so-called "Take the Test Project."

"Take the Tet Project" brings HIV testing closer to the Community through quality confidential counseling and informative education. It has a mission of providing adequate information on HIV and AIDS and make HIV testing more accessible to everyone.

The recent project of the team is an open photoshoot. It is a fund raising campaign to encourage everyone to take the HIV testing with fun as they will have their own creative photoshoot. The event took place on March 24 and 25. This is actually the third batch as the previous two were taken place featuring the different celebrities, bloggers, models, and volunteers!

So are you one of them?! Are you brave enough to take the test?!

Well, what are you waiting for? Go now and take the challenge! For FREE and confidential HIV screening, please send a message to their hotlines at:
0917-58-HIV RT (448 78)
0999-88-HIV RT (448 78)
0932-88-HIV RT (448 78)

You may even send emails to or like them in Facebook via

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