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SMART Brings the Newest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at the Best Postpaid Plans

Are you excited to grab a brand new iPhone 7?Well, sit back and wait for the release of this newest phone from the leading communication company in the country!

SMART will offer the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the best, most advanced iPhone ever, on Friday, November 11, 2016
The new iPhone 7 features new advanced camera systems, the best battery life on an iPhone, and they are now water and dust resistant. 
Customers can register their interest for the #SmartiPhone7 and #SmartiPhone7Plus beginning this Friday, October 28, 2016 at

We’ll release the complete plan details next week so stay tuned for that. For now, our main communication is that the iPhone 7 will be available from Smart and subscribers can register their interest from the link above. 
We will send more details with the plan and pricing as soon as the pre-order page is up on November 4.
Grab your brand new iPhone soon! (The Lifestyle Portal)

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Good News: MERALCO Announces Lower Energy Rates!

Here’s some good news to start your October right: Meralco recently announced lower energy rates for the third straight month this year! Residential customers get to enjoy a 12-centavo rate reduction per kilowatt hour (kWh), which means that average households with a monthly consumption of 200 kWh can enjoy Php 24.00 off their energy bills.
Meralco, the country’s leading power distribution company, mentioned that the recent rate reduction was caused by lower generation and transmission charges.
International Energy Consultants (IEC), an Australian consulting firm specializing in Asian power markets, showed in a recently released survey that lower tariffs for Meralco over the last four years have closed the power-rate gap between Luzon and other countries. 
The IEC observed that lower fuel costs have significantly contributed to the lower energy rates that we enjoyed this year. Since August 2016, Meralco has announced lower power rates for its residential subscribers.
Dr. John Morris,…

Kim Domingo is the 2017 Ginebra San Miguel Calendar Girl

Newest “Pantasya ng Bayan”Kim Domingo was introduced as the 2017 Calendar Girl of Ginebra San Miguel Inc. (GSMI) in a grand reveal held at the Sequoia Hotel in Quezon City recently. 
The up-and-coming French-Pinay sexy actress joins the ranks of popular models and actresses who have graced the Ginebra San Miguel calendars through the years, including Ellen Adarna (2015), two-time calendar girl Marian Rivera (2009 and 2014), Georgina Wilson (2013), Solenn Heusaff (2012), Anne Curtis (2011), and her predecessor Arci Munoz (2016). 

Kim shared that it has always been her dream to be an actress, and now that she is part of Ginebra San Miguel’s prestigious roster of brand ambassadors, she hopes that this will open up more opportunities to let her talent shine. 
“Kim definitely personifies our marketing campaign, ‘Ganado Sa Buhay’. She worked her way up to become one of the most recognizable faces in the entertainment industry today. Her story is an inspiration to every hardworking Filipino…

Healthy Food Tasting with the Best Chefs in Eastwood

Eating healthy is enjoyable and Food Magazine is ready to prove it with “Food Tasting: Healthy Eats!” Head over to the Atrium at the Eastwood Mall on October 16, 2016, 2 PM, to learn how to make delicious dishes that won’t leave you feeling guilty.
This is the third installment of Food Magazine’s series of cooking demos from some of the most respected and renowned chefs in the country. Healthy Eats will feature recipes from Chef Tatung Sarthou of Alab, Chef Onie Castillo of Café Enye,  Chefs Gerard Mangente and John Vince Mangibin from Liberty, and Chefs Ron Comia and Richelle Bautista from Richmonde Hotel. 
Chef Ron and Chef Richelle will present their healthy take on the classic chicken empanada. The team from Liberty, Chef Gerard and Chef John Vince, will share with us how to make a delicious rice dish, Salmon and Black Arroz. Last but not least, Chef Onie will show us how to make a favorite in Spanish cuisine with a fishy twist.
Chef Sonia Astudillo from Tefal and Lifestyle’s Che…

Change is Coming... Make way for CD-R King LED Light Tube

Disruption in technology has changed the way we live. As the cliché goes “Nothing is permanent except change”. What seemed to be a harmless household product, later on proved to be harmful in the long run. Years after fluorescent was discovered, it was found that fluorescent gives off a small amount of ultraviolet light and that 8 hours of exposure under a fluorescent light is already equivalent to an hour of sun exposure. 
Further studies also associate conditions like migraine, stress, mood swings and eye strain to prolonged exposure to florescent light.
Environment issues on fluorescent is also a great concern. Fluorescent contains a small amount of mercury. Careless disposal can affect the ecological system. 
These studies has prompted most household to switching into CFL during the last few decades which was considered less harmful but still contains fluorescent, thus mercury is still present.
The invention of LED has saved us from the long term use of fluorescent. Nowadays, you…

Don’t Settle for your Outer Beauty!

Many people think that beautiful skin means pleasing to the eye, the deeper truth about beautiful skin is having a healthy skin that’s free of bacteria, pimples, white and black heads. In order to achieve a healthy skin, it is necessary to take measures that help in getting the glow back. Handling stress well, sleeping right, eating healthy and providing yourself with Vitamin E can help in maintaining a healthy skin.
Vitamin E does not only help maintain the skin’s youthful glow but also helps in maintaining the functions of blood vessels, brain and nervous system. It strengthens the immune system and promotes good eyesight. Lastly, it helps in preventing cancer, heart disease and stroke.
With high content 100% Pure 400 IU of Vitamin E, Vita-E by ATC Healthcare is perfect for you! It benefits our body greatly and protects the cells from harmful effects of free radicals. Vitamin E—being a good antioxidant, maintains the radiance and glow which makes up for an even healthier skin despi…

Filipino Cuisine Features in the Lifestyle Channel

Filipino food lovers will have the exciting chance to become part of a gastronomic exploration of Filipino cuisine on “The Food That We Are,” a Lifestyle TV four-part special hosted by renowned Cebuano native, Chef Tatung premiering on October 16 (Sunday).
“The Food That We Are” is based on Chef Tatung’s book produced by ABS-CBN Publishing titled “From Heart to Platter” that takes viewers on a journey to understand and appreciate the essence of the Filipino culinary landscape.  Chef Tatung leads the introspective exploration by tracing the ancestral roots of the Filipino people to uncover how Philippine dishes like tinuktok (coconuts noodles wrapped in taro leaves) was established.

In the four-part special, viewers see how the wide cultural influences helped shape Filipino cuisine, how ancient cooking practices transcended time, and the significance of traditional ingredients in the modern Filipino kitchen.
“This show is close to my heart because I am passionate about Philippine cuis…

Herbalife Philippines Signs Partnership with Phoenix Petroleum Philippines to Expand its Product Access Points Nationwide

Herbalife Philippines, part of the global nutrition company Herbalife, announced a strategic partnership with Phoenix Petroleum Philippines to make it more convenient for Herbalife Independent Members and customers to access its nutrition products. Under the arrangement, Herbalife members and customers will be able to pick up Herbalife products that they’ve ordered from the company at Phoenix retail stations across the country.
This pilot program with Phoenix Petroleum Philippines is a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to sustainable expansion in line with its business growth in the country. The agreement, and the recent opening of Herbalife’s Quick Response Center in Cebu City, is part of Herbalife’s plan to increase its product access and availability in the Philippines where a recent survey showed weight gain is the top concern of 84 percent of the population. 
 “This expansion will make it very easy for our members and customers to obtain Herbalife products at a l…
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