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Drenzo Solar Hybrid Air Condition Empowers by the Sun

DRENZO SOLAR HYBRID AIR CONDITION has now become the latest word in electricity savings as it also translates to money-saving and environment-friendly air conditioners.  The solar hybrid air condition has been in the market for the last eight years and is  internationally recognized as an energy-saving appliance in the United Arab Emirates, Australia, the Unites States of America, and Asia.  Based on actual test comparisons, DRENZO solar hybrid air condition proved to save more on electricity as compared to current leading brands of air conditioners.
Why such big savings? DRENZO SOLAR HYBRID AIRCON technology utilizes a solar thermal collector (to convert both solar as well as ambient energy) to superheat the refrigerant to convert it from a low pressure, low temperature gas into a high pressure, high temperature gas, reducing reliance on the compressor.
The compressor’s function is substantially lessened and serves just as a pump to push the refrigerant around the system. Compared to…

Infinity Nado Spins as the Newest Toy Craze in the Country

Toy freaks unite! The newest game that has been making waves all over Asia and the rest of the world is finally here in the Philippines. Prepare to spin your way to greatness with the all new Infinity Nado.
Infinity Nado takes gaming to a whole new level with its precision fighting tops that feature the latest in battle technology. Made by popular toy-maker Auldey, Infinity Nado tops are designed using advanced physics that revolutionizes and increases game play and competition.
The digitally advanced top is based on a popular Anime series of the same title that focused on battle, justice, & friendship. The story features the adventures of Jin and his mates as they enter the center of the Gyro-type tower to stop its rotation and overcome the evil forces to save the world.

The games are likewise built on the same principles promoting non-stop, action-packed fun. Its tournaments and regularly sanctioned competitions have been happening in different parts of Asia and the rest of the…

The Elegant Philippine Launch of Antica Murrina Venezia

The marriage of the artistry of the East and the West was highlighted with a very colorful Jewelry fashion show that showcased the exquisite pieces of Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, and a collection of classic and colorful resort collection by fast rising designer Ryan Madamba. High note of the night was, that all the dresses were made of local fabric “Abel Iloco”, a hand-loomed cloth proudly made in the Northern Province of Ilocos Norte.  The owners, Jenny and Mom Nardone together with Ryan Madamba were the soul curators of the Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, pieces that was showcased during the show highlighting unique Murano jewelry and its craftsmanship through the 31-piece Murano Jewelry collection line, personally chosen from the Autumn/ Winter 2014 collection Antica Murrina Venezia © ™. 
All of this paired with the dresses for chic casual looks to the most glamorous evening parties for women of varied ages by Ryan Madamba. The event was held at Buddha Bar, hosted by charming and witt…

Still No Bidders for MRT-3 Maintenance Contract

Every day, millions of Filipinos take the train to and from their workplaces, schools and other destinations. This makes it extremely important to maintain its proper condition to avoid fatal accidents like what happened in August 2014 when an MRT train overshot the tracks at the Taft Avenue station in Pasay City. The incident left 38 passengers badly injured.

To better serve daily passengers of the MRT-3, the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) has opened the bidding for the 3-year maintenance contract for the train system. However, DOTC said on Tuesday that there are still no takers.

This is the second time that a contract bid for MRT-3 has failed to entice service providers. The first one was last October 2014, which was also snubbed by bidders, despite a whopping Php2.4-billion budget.

Michael Sagcal, DOTC spokesperson, said no company has submitted their bids when the deadline passed last Tuesday, despite the government revising parts of the service agreement.

Myx TV Wins at the 6th Annual Taste Awards in Hollywood!

The 6th Annual Taste Awards, the highest awards for the Lifestyle Entertainment Industry, was held last January 15 at the Egyptian Theater, and Myx TV’s first food reality show, “Eat Your Words”, won an award as the “Guilty Addiction of the Year”, together with “Got Milk Future Olympian” and “Amazing Wedding Cakes”.
Receiving the award for Myx TV are General Manager Miguel Santos, Host Kara Birkenstock, and Executive Producers Valerie Chow and Stephen Goetsch (shown in photos above).  Birkenstock was also included among celebrity presenters for the Viewers Choice Award Category.

The Annual TASTE AWARDS (also known as the TASTY Awards) in Hollywood celebrate the year’s best in Food, Fashion, and Lifestyle programs on Television, in Film, Online, and on Radio.

The TASTE AWARDS show features a star-studded lineup of food and fashion TV celebrities, and has included appearances by stars, celebrities, producers and executives from networks and platforms such as the Food Network, the Style…

A Festive Bloom of Agriculture in This Year's Paradizoo: Power of Three

This 2015 experience one of the most anticipated annual festivities in the field of agriculture as Paradizoo re-unfold “Power of Three" (floral, vegetable and agri-livestock fair). Join us from January 10 March 14 featuring an amazing Animal Parade, a gala for this year of the sheep. 

See different breeds of sheep parade. Also develop and enjoy your understanding towards agriculture as you will learn the Best Practices in agriculture. They will exhibit and display farm produce, sale and auction of livestock (imported breeds of goats for milk and meat, sheep, several pig breeds animal feed, and a lot more).
There will be briefings, discussions on breeding programs and free seminar on flower, vegetable and livestock care. Be mesmerized to a variety of breathtaking floral designs, formal hedges and topiary during Flower Festival starting Jan 17 to Feb 6. 
Witness a stunning haven of farm and garden everyone would wish to experience. Additional attention-catching topics to look forw…

SMART's Tech Tips and Safety Reminders to Maximize your Papal Visit Experience

This week, the whole country will welcome Pope Francis to the Philippines in a much anticipated papal visit that is expected to draw in huge crowds in public venues as well as much social media exposure.
Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) and Sun Cellular (Sun) shared some tips and reminders to mobile subscribers so they can have a safe Papal visit experience.
“While we prepare our networks in support of this historic visit, we’re also reminding our subscribers about basic safety reminders and tips for events involving big crowds.” said Ramon R. Isberto, Public Affairs head for Smart and Sun.
Safety comes first.
It maybe wise to avoid bringing very young children and family members with health conditions to events where large crowds are expected. They can still keep track of the papal visit through TV and radio broadcasts as well as through updates online and in social media. Be in the know regarding the latest news and information regarding the schedules and on ground conditions. For…

A Fare To Remember

Tried riding the LRT and MRT these past few weeks?

If you did therefore, you point of fact permit the determinations of the a noteworthy number of Filipinos who ride either take off structures to and from their workplaces or different terminations. Yes, the madly long lines and poor affiliations are hair-getting events finally.

The late attestation increase for both travel systems are what's getting into the nerves of distinctive suburbanites in Manila. This is by morals of people feel that the climbing isn't sensible in any point of confining, knowing how awful their affiliations are. By the of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya said, "it must be made."

Secretary in like way intertwined that they "will similarly see stamped overhauls in our LRT and MRT affiliations." But this remaining part to be seen. I, for one, can guarantee that it is so hard to get a ride on the LRT and MRT. On the off chance that …

In Red with Amway

Red is Rocky's favorite color. And this is a lucky color to start the year with!

Definitely, I am wearing my favorite color during the Amway Event where they launched their upcoming health fun run. Yeah, this is my first time to visit the main office of Amway in Ace Building, Rada Street in Makati City where the event took place. 
The place were so nice and well-lighted with a perfect ambiance suited for a photoshoot! Definitely, I took my pictorial in this cool place! 
Amway is having its health fun run dubbed as the Nutrilite Health Run inline with its 80 Years Celebration. The event is divided into three legs taking place in three different places of the country - Manila (February 22, 2015), Davao (March 1, 2015), and Cagayan De Oro for its final leg.
Check out some of my online posters / pictorial being the event's image model:

Interested participants can register at all Amway Distribution Centers and via the Colorurlife Facebook Fan Page from January 5, 2015 onwards.
The …

The Chowking 2015 Planner

The Chinese fastfood chain Chowking is now offering its Chinese Style 2015 planner. Yes, this is a simple yet amazing planner that you can bring everyday.
The planner is colored red with an image of a sheep depicting the Chinese Zodiac sign of the year. Well, here is the said planner:

How to avail this lucky in red planner? Well, so simple! Just buy a chicken lauriat with an upsize drinks, then you can automatically have one planner! 
Avail one now as this planner's promo is up to January 31, 2015 only.  - The Lifestyle Portal

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Start Planning the Year with Starbucks 2015 Planner

The Starbucks Planner is always part of Filipino holidays. Every year, Pinoys just like me were getting crazy to collect stars for their Starbucks planner. And I already grabbed my 2015 Starbucks Planner, my second SB Planner (last year's being the first)! 
Since 2015 is already started, let's now start planning the year with our Starbucks planner which is also the product of our perseverance, "ang madalas na pagkakape" to own one!
For this year, I chose the brown Starbucks Planner with an image of a human drinking a cup of coffee. Check out my planner below:

Actually, I'm planning to have two planners this year. The second one which I wish to have is the one with the red cover. But since, it's already running out of time, I will enjoy this one.
I already started writing some of my plans in it and keep records of my recent important moments

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