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Hero TV Kicks Off 2015 with New Offerings For Its 10TH Year Anniversary Celebration

Hero TV’s lineup for January 2015 is nothing short of amazing as it offers only the best to anime fans with the popular movie “Rurouni Kenshin” premiering on January 1, 2015 and new localized anime titles in time for the anime channel’s 10th anniversary.

Consistent to its mission to offer a promising lineup every year, Hero TV is set to revamp the anime TV experience in its 10th year. “Rurouni Kenshin,” the story of a former assassin who becomes a wandering samurai, will premiere on Hero TV on New Year’s Day (January 1), 9PM. Meanwhile, much-anticipated titles such as “Gatchaman,” “Leviathan,” and “Taichi Chasers” will bring in excitement for 2015.

“Gatchaman,” an action movie based on the anime of the same title, is about five agents who are given mysterious stones called “receptors” that hold immense power after war is declared in the world by an organization called Galactor. The action-packed show will have its premiere on January 4, 12MN with replays at 12NN and 8PM.

Meanwhile, anim…

Master Hanz Cua Shares How to Make Christmas Celebration Joyous and Prosperous

The Philippines has the longest Christmas celebration in the world. Every Pinoy finds time, no matter where they are, or what they are doing, to come together as a family. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and share with our loved ones the blessings we have worked for and received throughout the year.
Is Feng Shui practice compatible with Christmas? Psychic and Feng Shui expert, Master Hanz Cua says, “Absolutely!” Feng Shui is all about bringing good chi (cosmic energy) into our life. Christmas is a perfect time to invite prosperity into our homes. As we make our plans to get together with our families to make merry, we can also put some Feng Shui touches into our holiday.
The Christmas Tree. In Feng Shui , trees generally symbolize abundance. Green color denotes wealth, and the evergreen tree, which is commonly used, means affluence that lasts a long, long time. The tree should be tall, at least higher than the tallest person in the home. The tree’s size signifies abundance. De…

Master Hanz Cua Gives his 2015 Animal Zodiac Forecast

Master Feng Shui Expert Hanz Cua gave his 2015 Animal Zodiac Forecast during his Feng Shui presscon on the Monday afternoon of December 15, 2014 in Lombardi's Restaurant, Shangrila Mall.
Here are his forecast to the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs:

Extra Ordinary Rooms, Extra Ordinary Parties Anytime at Victoria Court

Victoria Court offers world-class suites, each one distinct from the other. The most sought after suites are the Asgard inspired from the movie Thor, the romantic Marrakesh Suite, Batcave from The Dark Night and other fun exciting themes for you to choose from. 
Our guests have a wide choice of rooms depending on size, design and preferred themes: Standard, Deluxe and Suites with variants of mini-suites, regular suites and super thematic suites, all different themes. At Victoria Court, no two rooms are the same. 

Now known for its Thematic Parties and Events, Victoria Court offers a wide array of Suites and Amenities that promises a party beyond ordinary. Bachelorette and Stag parties are one of our biggest clientele but we have our share of Celebrity Shoots, MTVS and Press Conferences too.  
We’ve recently had several Press Conferences such as Asia’s Next Top Model and Juana Change the Movie. We also housed the Flip Top International Artists for their Araneta Dreams Battle Royale an…

"The Country Wife" / "Ang Misis Kong Promdi" Debuts in Dulaang UP

Acclaimed director Tony Mabesa adapts and directs Dulaang UP’s fourth offering for its 39th season, the Philippine premier of William Wycherley’s The Country Wife
A classic sex comedy written in 1675, it satirizes hypocrisy and human judgment that dominated the Puritan Regime, issues that still hound contemporary society. DUP also stages AngMisis Kong Promdi, a direct Filipino translation by Nicolas B. Pichay.
The Country Wife/ AngMisiskongPromdi’s plot revolves around the lives of men and women of high society; lives that are entangled in a paradox of love, marriage, reputation, mores, sexual conduct, and politics. 
A notorious philanderer’s homecoming ignites a series of infidelities and indiscretions. An innocent young woman from the countryside speaks honestly of her thoughts and desires posing a challenge to the gendered norms and moral codes of 16th and 17th century London. 
An ensemble of seasoned theatre actors headlines the cast- Martha Comia and Sue Prado alternate as Mrs.… Starts a R(IoT) with a Run Down of the Internet of Things

In line with the company’s vision to encourage both entrepreneurs and freelancers to pursue their passions,, the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace, presents Talino Talks where different industry experts share their knowledge and experiences with topics ranging from technology, business, and even personality development. 
In this year’s Freelancer report, we saw Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) related jobs skyrocket as more startups embrace the Internet of Things (IoT). The ‘things’ in IoT refers to different internet-enabled devices such as smart home appliances, self-driving automobiles, pacemaker monitoring implants, and fire fighting drones. 
For its last Talino Talks of the year, Freelancer gave a rundown on the Internet of Things with Chief Technology Officer Nikko Torcita of Awesomelabs, Co-founders Ely Apao and Michael Albano of JumpSparc, and Founder and CEO Joshua de Llana and Industrial Designer Jed Cruz of Tactiles.

James Reid is "Sexy on Tap" on the Cover of Men's Health

Count how many magazine covers does James Reid had posing sexy topless?! Well, it seems that James sells like hot 'pandesal'' in the different magazine covers wherein he exposes his yummy six-packed abs. And Men's Health is one of those  magazines!
In the November 2014 issue of MH, James showcased his hot chiseled body! He banners the featured cover story dubbed as "28 Day Abs."
Check out the sizzling hot James Reid on the said cover:

The magazine also features "Sex on Tap,"  a guide to master the online dating game!
Great one James! More and more sexy hot magazine covers to come!  - The Lifestyle Portal

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Behind the train

DOTC is in high hopes that they can acquire the MRT Line 3.

While the government's takeover of the MRT3 is being opposed, DOTC Secretary Abaya says the government has Executive Order 126 for the buyout to proceed.

Abaya has announced that the government wanted to buyout MRT3.
He is confident that the government can make the buyout.

P-Noy had issued an Executive Order 126 allotted a P56 billion for the equity value buyout (EVCO) on Feb. 13.

Knowing this intention, they still cannot afford to buy the MRT line.

Private shareholders of the MRTC insist that the value falls short from its total equity value, and pointed out that the P56 billion only accounts for the bonds controlled by the two state-run banks which could not satisfy the whole buyout.

It will settle the bonds first costing 100 Billion pesos before the government can complete the buyout. They cannot afford this buyout because of the huge sum of money involve coming from taxpayers.

P56 billion ($1.24 billion) buyout value …

Win Php1.5K Worth of Services at Slimmers World!

The Lifestyle Portal is now giving again another exciting promo. This time, it's for fitness enthusiasts and skin-loving individuals! Yes, we are giving away gift certificates with Php1,500 worth of services at Slimmers World for 10 lucky winners!
The services that you can avail will be any of the following:
* Unlimited Whole Day Workout * Zumba Class Session * Yoga Class * Diamond Peel * Skin Treatment * Body Reformation * Massage Therapy
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To earn additional points so th…

AffiniTea Presents Brown Race: A Benefit Run for Grace to Be Born Foundation

Seasoned fun run participants know all too well that it takes focus, commitment, and preparation to get past the finish line. That is why it is always encouraging and motivating to run with a community. Running activities help reduce stress while earning extra mental health points. Aside from the physical benefits of raising one's fitness and confidence levels, a fun run is also a great way to raise money for charity.
AffiniTea Philippines, the tea that binds, will be boosting the Filipino runner's high through a fun run aptly dubbed as the "Brown Race" at the CCP Complex on December 14, 2014. The race aims to deepen one's faith, identity, and love for the country by standing firm to the key characteristics that identify the uniqueness of Filipinos among other races. The race will benefit the mothers and children of Grace to be Born Foundation. Grace to be Born is a ministry dedicated to saving the unborn from abortion, providing sanctuary to unwed pregnant mothe…

Smart To Offer iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on November 14 #SmartiPhone6 #SmartiPhone6Plus!

Wireless services leader and the country’s biggest network Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) today announced it will offer iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the biggest advancements in iPhone history, beginning on Friday, November 14, 2014
Customers can pre-order iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus beginning on Friday, November 7, 2014 at
For more information on Smart Communications, please visit:

For more information on iPhone, please visit: The Lifestyle Portal

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